Game: Thumb Space
Description: Take to the skies, strap a gun to your thumb and fight the invaders in this fast-action, adrenaline-fuelled, thumb shoot ‘em up!
Game: Broom Boom
Description: Zip around on a broomstick shooting magic missiles! Press your mouse or thumb on either the left or right side of the screen to move.
Game: OXYGEn
Description: As a stranded ASTRONAUT, how long can you survive with limited oxygen and fuel. Use WASD to propel yourself through endless space. Can you find enough fuel and oxygen to survive until rescue?
Game: Project Plasma
Description: You're a plasma wielding knight sent to destroy the menacing drones! Hold down your thumb or left mouse to move, release to spin your plasma batton.
Game: Super ScrapBot
Description: One small magnetic robot must save the robot galaxy from being RE-PURPOSED! Do chores for your human with the aid of your trusty magnetic hull. Place your thumb or mouse on the robot to move.
Game: RUNE
Description: The runes see your future, and it involves tapping lots of coloured runes! Press your thumb or mouse on a corner to change colour. You can only collect runes of the selected colour. Chain collect runes of the same colour or leave them until the last second to get a higher score!
Game: Spores
Description: Become the dominant spore by picking up smaller spore clusters and bringing them back home. Place your finger or mouse on the spore to move it around.
Game: Microbe
Description: Zip along the human body picking up microbes and dodging defensive cells. Hold your Thumb or mouse down on the microbe to start. Use yellow microbes to unlock gates and blue as shields.
Game: One Click Dungeon
Description: Click to start, click to turn, click to attack, click to collect treasure!
Game: Super Tower Escape
Description: Collect treasure and escape the endless tower! Hold your mouse or thumb on the screen to fly up and steer left and right. Let got to fall down.