Client: Crazy and Coding
Role: Art Direction, Game Art, UI Design, Animation
Sage's Sky is a limitless flying journey, set against elegant minimal never-ending scenery. Avoid barrels of TNT and heli-bombs. Eat tasty worms, butterflies, and bees. Choke down disgusting spiky caterpillars and ladybugs, get caught in the wind, encounter power ups and more!

Available on the App Store and Google Play

"Care and attention to detail clearly went into the style and feel of this game"

"This game is a real hoot. It entertains young and old alike, keeping you busy for as long as you need it. The descriptions do no justice; youll have to download and try it out for yourself!"

"Innovative mind-blowing mechanics in a flight of fancy."

I was brought onto Sages Sky to create a landscape of rolling hills and tall trees with all manor of obstacles and power-ups to dodge and collect. The key was to create an environment that was pleasant to explore giving small variations as the player progressed. To achieve this the game uses a large amount of parallaxing using numerous sprites that help make the environment come to life.

I was also responsible for creating the games logo, app icon, characters and user interface. The designs of these were all based off the games vibrant and airy style.