Client: Poya Manouchehri
Role: Art Direction, Concept Art, Game Assets
Startup Freak is a game that, for better or worse, puts you in the shoes of a budding entrepreneur!

With a handful of references supplied by the client I set out to create the games art direction. I began with four concepts based off both the clients suggestions and my own interpretation. The darker nighttime concept was initially chosen with the request of bringing it into the daytime while maintaining it's slick and shiny theme. The key elements were gradients and popping colours mostly found within the sky and trees as these helped to frame the gameplay area.

As the environment is interactive and procedurally generated I needed to take great care in creating graphics that were both functional with performance and usability. I achieved this with several layers of sprites for the background and a tiled office. 

The game also has a seasonal effect. This was achieved by creating four background gradients that matched the relivant season while having trees for all four season and a transition between each. This along with a soft colour gradient transitioned the scene from hot summers to cold winters while re-using the games core assets.

I have also been tasked with creating character animations that support a large array of customization. To achieve this I first designed several skins which could have a number of variations such as body type, colours, faces and accessories. Such a large amount of customization would be unfeasible with classic sprite based animation so instead I have used Spine 2D to create an animated skeleton with interchangeable parts. To further increase feasibility both male and female assets are designed to work on the same skeleton. Though this method does restrict any major variations between character animations the scale of their customization easily makes up for this.

Development is still in progress however a beta build can be found here.